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I am beginner in Arduino Uno. In addition I have basic knowledge about electronics and programing. I am planning to do airship ((blimp)) for UAE National Day. Everything’s perfect from mechanical side except the programing. I don’t how to program the arduino uno codes. Please help me with the prepared codes and how I can I fix the input and output (where I put the signal wires) in my arduino uno.

The tools which I have are:

3 servos
2 motors with speed control
2 LED with resister
1 FM receiver - 8channel (Futaba -R168DF)
1 remote control (Futaba - T6EXP) - (PCM 1024)
1 battery 7.25 V

Please Help me =( with it

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1 FM receiver - 8channel (Futaba -R168DF) 1 remote control (Futaba - T6EXP) - (PCM 1024)

So, connect the 3 servos and 2 motors to the receiver.

Connect the battery to the servo power wires and grounds.

Duct tape the Arduino and LEDs on the outside. It doesn't seem to have a purpose.

thinks PaulS :*

I have done this before. Now I want to do it with Arduino :)

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Now I want to do it with Arduino

If only we knew what "it" was, maybe we could help you.

XD I controlled the servo and motors direct from the receiver 8)

:drooling_face: Now I want to control them throw Arduino :drooling_face:

]:) using remote control ]:D

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Why do you want to make an aerial vehicle less reliable?

Now I want to control them throw Arduino

You want the servos to throw the Arduino? I don't get it.

this what i men XD

i don’t how i program the arduino and wear to put the input and the output in my arduino =(



what do you want the arduino to do ?

Basic things

To take command from FM Receiver convert to the contacted servos and motors

Motor for speed

2 Servo in different degree both start with 90 degree if I posh the remote gear up servo goes to 180 degree if I pull down servo go to 0 degree

But you can do that more effectively and with less risk with just a length of wire.

Connect the things that make sense (the motors and servos) directly to the receiver. Connect the unused channels to digital pins, and use pulseIn to collect data from those channels/pins. Use that data for whatever.

You need to define what type of data comes over the unused channels, and what the Arduino should do with it. Then, coding help makes sense.

Having the Arduino read all the channels, and convert the signals to times and back to servo signals doesn't.