Please help need guidance regarding 25 shift register voltage requirement

Good day to all,

I am working on a personal project to control high power led in my garden, which require 200 high power led. I working in phase manner. I successes in controlling the 8 LEDs using sn74hc595 and uln2803alg ic and later I wired 5 sn74hc595 and uln2803alg that too I succeed,

now I want to add 25 sn74hc595 on one circuit board and 25 uln2803alg one on other and connect using individual connectors. (This to reduce distance between shift register to minimise noise add on)

So as mentioned above I want some guidance regarding powering 25 shift register voltage and current. I have decoupling 0.1 uf for each shift register.

Can I drive all shift register using 5v 800mA dc power. This only to power shift register 25 unit board only. Please help

The shift registers will need very little power for themselves.

To simplify your circuit, replace each 595 and 2803 with a tpic6b595, tpic6a595 or tpic6595, depending on current requirements.

Give links to your "high power" leds and we can advise what circuit you should use to drive them.

Hi Paul Thanks for rely

The reason I am using 595 is that I have bunch of them with me and also locally available at cheap price.

My concern is about frying the board of 595 if I power all 25 shift register with 5 volt 2 amp power supply. Do I need to add resistor or diode to limit current at each or bunch of shift register to protect from current supplied. Please advice

Thanking you

Cannot advise. Provide more information as requested.

Don't you have another thread on this as well? Did we ever find out what the "200 high power led" s are?