Please help on choosing good IDE

Hello All:
Currently I am working on a project to utilize Arduino Mega for industrial automation. Planning to write software using Object Oriented Programming (C++). I found that Arduino IDE is very basic. It is difficult to write C++ program, debug and download. I browsed through couple of IDEs to integrate with Arduino, such as Eclipse, Atmel and Visual Studio. I am having a lot of problems to integrate Arduino. Could anyone please suggest which could be the best IDE to integrate with Arduino and some guidance?


I use Geany for editing my programs and just use the Arduino IDE to compile and upload. It is possible to configure Geany to call the IDE and upload the programs directly.


Thank you. How do you debug your code?

Thank you. How do you debug your code?

I add Serial.println() statements at strategic places to show me the value of variables or the progress of the code through the program decisions. And I view the output on the Arduino Serial Monitor.


Dear Swetha,
I would leave the Arduino environment totally, and switch to the ST Discovery boards and the "free" code-limited but very rich environment of the IAR IDE. It allows you to code in C/C++ with the 'added' benefit of
Good Luck my Friend.