Please help on payload delivery

I'm designing a robot to do this task...
(Read the quote)

.The robot should identify the width or height of the payload and place it in to the
payload bay. (If robot firstly met the 10x10x10 cube then robot should place it
10x10x10 box bay)

And I'm worried about putting 10x10x10 cube to
10x10x10 box bay accurately...

What is the strategy I should use to do this task accurately.and what are the sensors should I use to detect the bay accurately and place the box in it .. ???

If the robot can go close to the cube and if the height is a sufficient indicator to distinguish the cube then your robot could have an LDR at a height equal to the middle of the height of the low cube and another one just above the height of the low cube.

If both LDRs are obscured you have a high cube. If only the low LDR is obscured you have a low cube.

How you move a cube is a different matter. You have not given us any information about that task.

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How big is the 10x10x10 box bay?
It has to be bigger than 10x10x10, what is the tolerance?

What sort of motion is your robot supposed to have, up, down, left, right, fwd, back?
Using what tools, arms, forks to handle the box?

Where is the box and where is the bay?

How many different sized boxes?

Tom.... :slight_smile:

the robot is line follower going to design a gripper to grab the box .
so the robot is moving on y-z plane and gripper can move in x plane ...
the bay is same size of the box... 101010..
i do not worried about measuring the size of the boxes .
i only worried about delivering box in to the bay,because the bay is the same size of the box.
i dont know how to get that much accuracy .

D ..

the bay is same size of the box... 101010..

If the bay is the same size as the box it can't be done - by computer or by human.

The bay MUST be a little bigger. How much bigger is an essential element in the design of a solution.

The shape of the bay is also critically important. If you imagine it in plan like this


you could align the box with the projecting wall and then slide it in.

However if it is like this


it will be much trickier because you have to get both sides correctly positioned at the same time.


Yeh thats what I'm also thinking... But its robotic challenge of our university..
I want to win this competition somehow

How do you expect to even participate, let alone win, if you don't even know the rules?
Get the detailed specifications of the objectives.

So you got a "Robot line follower" which gonna have a "hand" to hold or push a (let's call it) wooden cube with 10 square cm? inside a box with the same size and you need perfect accuracy making the robot to push it exactly inside the box.

How exactly your robot will know where is the box?
Is there a line follow which is going exactly to the box? Because grabbing a Cube with the dimensions
you need it's pretty easy, I can tell you my idea how to grab the cube if you answer me the above questions.


It is your project? You think you can master it?
What are your ideas at the moment?
We may be able to add suggestions to your idea. I don't think we should come up with the whole idea.

Give us your current algorithm.