please Help to build CNC machine

i Have everything i need to build this machine but i dont know the steps thats i can connect all ?? cl'd u please tell me the map to connect wire and what tools i need to control it ? i have 1- TB6560 4axis driver 2- arduino uno 3-stepper motors 4-wires 5-powersupplay

what tools i have to use and how to connect wirs from tb6560 driver to arduino uno ?

As noted here:

The TB6560 driver board is meant to be controlled by a PC via a parallel port (LPT); that said, a pinout of the LPT interface connector is shown, and in theory it could be controlled by an Arduino.

Anywhere from 11 (omitting the limit switch pins) to 16 pins from the Arduino would be needed; this would use up a majority of pins on an Uno - so a Mega would be preferred.

You would then have to figure out what software you wanted to use; for CNC work, you could go with GRBL:

I don't think, though, that GRBL directly supports an Arduino controlling the TB6560 (that is, out of the box) - but it looks like you could alter the file "grbl/grbl/cpu_map/cpu_map_atmega2560.h" to change the pin settings (or just wire those pins to the proper pins on the LPT connector).

It should just be a matter of taking the pins listed in that file, and mapping them to the pins listed for the LPT connector from the reprap link.

thnx for reply.... 2 days and im looking for how to connect uno with tb6560 and i found nothing :) all i need datasheet or map to help me