Please help: Unable to establish stable connection to network with wifi shield

Hi all,

Hereby wish to have your advise on setting the wifi shield for internet connection.

I am following this website :

I noticed that my wifi shield keep on reset the connection and making the connection (ethenet and internet) very unstable.
I have hard time to load the configuration page and even the page is loaded successfully, i will need to reload and refresh for several times in order to proceed to next steps.

Yet the connection only sustain for less than 2 minutes and the connection is out again and again...
I need to unplug the power and rest the kit until it cool down.
Then i have to reset the IP to factory mode, and reconfigure everything again.
Then only i can only make connection again.
On thing i noticed with the wifi shield is it get very hot about 1 minutes!

Please advise me for the possible faulty and steps i can take to fix the problem.

Below are the steps i have taken to configure the thing:

  1. Obtain a router ip address (Says and an unused ip (Says address.
    *** i take ip address that return me "Destination Host Unreachable" ***
  2. Connect the wifi shield to my pc via LAN cable.
  3. Set my PC ip to 192.168.1.XXX (Since the default ip for the wifi shield is
  4. Point my browser to 192.168.254 and set the ip add for the wifi shield to and default gateway to
  5. Once changes made successfully, change my connection setting to DHCP mood.
    *** set ipv4 setting to "Obtain IP address & DNS automatically" ***
  6. Point browser to and proceed with wireless and serial set up.

Yet, the setting process doesn't go smooth to me... the connection keep on reset (connect and disconnected) and i need to refresh the browser for many times in order to load the page.

Many thanks. Hope to have your reply soonest possible.

The problem solved when a power 5V adapter is supplied.

Use appropriated voltage, obey the rules.