Please Help Us program the simplest robot that dances to "turn down for what"

Hello everyone, I apologize for being a noob, but my team and I are programming a robot for an intro engineering class. We are attempting to run two servos while an led array does a variety of different sequences. We want the servos running simultaneously with the LEDS. What is the easiest way to do this?


Better_Project.ino (4.52 KB)

Easiest way is to explain yourself better.
What LED array? What servo? What method of signal response to the song? What would you learn, really, by not even bothering to research this before asking for a hand holding?
Multiple mcus, multiple sound sensors, and copy/paste/steal code and pray your teacher is a big enough moron to be impressed with what amounts to a Lego set you didn't know how to stick together without cheating.
Turn down for that scholastic integrity.

Please learn to use the code tags </> to present your code.

This condition is always true, because it resets count to 1

 if (count =1) {

Have a look at the demo Several Things at a Time

Note how it does not use delay() anywhere. If you want a responsive program you must use millis() to manage timing as delay() blocks the Arduino from doing other things.