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We are the main outreach office of Alcoholics Anonymous for the Salt Lake Area. We help with literature, materials, and support for the many AA meetings located throughout the valley. We have started a project within our literature room that includes a large wall map of the world. A group of us have started to install small white LED lights on this map to show the various locations of where certain languages are spoken and read--and also have that particular language version of the Alcoholics Anonymous Big Book available on one of the two wall spaces in close proximity to this wall map. We thus far have installed an Arduino Mega 2560 Microcontroller with a breadboard to attach the various world map location LED lights. Also in addition to this…a BLE Bluetooth module has been attached to the Arduino MEGA 2560. There are approximately 70 LED lights with their individual wire strands attached to the map thus far. However they are not attached to the breadboard individually at this time. Also, at this time we have reached an impasse to this project because of interface options and lack of knowledge to finish this display. This is why we have contacted your college for assistance to help us with our dilemma. What we are hoping for is a type of a touch screen with a menu on it of the various languages. When the user touches the certain language of choice, the individual LED or multiple LEDs light up showing the location or combined various locations of the language spoken or read. This touch screen would be permanently mounted on the side of the map on the wall or underneath the bottom center edge of map. Or an alternative plan is to use a 10 key numerical key pad in collaboration with the Arduino microcontroller…and have a menu list on the wall to where an individual could input a code number for each language and the specific areas on the map that the languages are spoken will light up. We have provided a digital photo of the back side of the map which shows the Arduino Mega 2560 Microcontroller and breadboard with LEDs with wire strands. Any type of advise or guidance on this project would be so helpful. You can contact us back on this forum with your information to us....or call us at 801-484-7871. Thank you so much for reading this request.

You’d be a hell of a lot smarter to make the map and the brb translations into computer program(s) that let users touch-screen or mouse onto the location they want (or easier, pick language from a list as the code and data for that is open-source Linux) on A personal screen that can then display page 555 of the brb for them. For the cost of making the big map you can have several terminals especially with low-end computers like Raspberry Pi.

This could be done with Arduinos but if you do it as simply as possible to make it portable then it can work on home PC’s, phones and tablets everywhere. You stand a better chance of getting not just help but LOTS of help. All the AA places can have it on devices and displays they already have without a 50’s-60’s style nuclear command center wall map.

But if you’re committed to your map then one proven good way to drive so many leds is with shift registers or led drivers (both are chips) that a controller can run with 4 pins and external power. Youtube shows videos of arduino led cubes in action driving 256 RGB leds fast and some show their how-to.

Assuming you light up only one LED at a time you could use an LED matrix - then you can connect them to 17 pins (an 8x9 matrix).

This is why we have contacted your college

How many other people or forums have you contacted? If we don't see what they've already given you then we will be duplicating the same answers and giving you confusingly different answers.

I've got a good circuit with a 12-position rotary switch and a dedicated LED driver that might be useful. I can even publish the circuit board on OSHPark so you can have them print a board for you. Does it sound like you could do this with only 12 languages and one fat knob to select the different ones?

Any type of advise or guidance on this project would be so helpful.

Knock it off with the useless extra punctuation. Every one on the forum wants help. 40-leven exclamation points doesn't move you to the front of the list.