PLEASE HELP w cnxn diagram - door sensor, buzzer, 4x4 keypad, display, 3 LEDs

I've a school project to design a simple home security system. I have single door with magnetic sensor - that when armed w/ password should have yellow LED on, when the right pw is entered, the green LED goes off and door can be opened without any sound. but when the wrong password is entered, the red LED goes off and piezo buzzer sounds. It will ask for right pw three times while the red LED remains on. Also If the door is is 'forced open', the alarm would go on. I know that there are segments of codes out there for each of the component to work. but without programming background,I am having having hard time to combine them.

Also, if anyone can help me with the connection diagram that would be great. So far, I connected onlythe LCD screen and 4x4 number pad. Thank you in advance