Please help with Ardruino UNO setup for MAC

I'm running Mac OS 10.9 and the Arduino UNO. I attempted to complete the "Blink" exercise to no avail. I attempt to changed the USB cord, install new Ftdi driver's and even used the Ftdi Driver Control widget. None of this worked. I have also resent the board and use different resistor, etc... several times over –– again to no avail.

Yes, the green light on the board is on and yes the "TX" and "RX" lights blink with uploaded the code. Also, I do not receive any errors with is odd. The message at the bottom of the sketch just says "done downloading."

Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.



if you have green light, see the TX/RX flash and done downloading then all should be good.
You should not need the FTDI on the MAC and as list in the data sheet for UNO is not used.

You do not see the yellow LED on the board blink?

In reading you list using a resistor, so assume your trying blink with external LED on pin number 13?
And are using un-modified blink demo.
Have you tried a alternate pin other then 13 to see if that works.

3 Questions: 1) Is it an UNO with a chip labeled CH340G? 2)Is there a bootloader installed? I ask this because I have had the same problem before and fixed it.

You should post more detail as to what settings you are using, maybe post a picture of the board?

Or post a link to where you got the board from... it allows a check on which drivers you should be using for the Uno. The first official Uno I think used an FTDI chip, later ones do not, they use an Atmel chip and clones could use many different ones...

Follow the link below, copy the first sketch listed. Open a new sketch and paste in. Load the sketch into your UNO. When the load is "done downloading" then open your Serial Monitor in the IDE at 9600 baud and see if the "hello world" is showing.

If it is then you need to work on if your external LED is bad or wired wrong. Or if the pin is not being called or has issues.

serial quick check

Thanks for all of your feedback. I’m so sorry I have not replied. No excuses –- I just had to move on to something else and forgot about the board. Please forgive me.