Please help with Light Automation

Hello and a heads up Newbie Alert

I am trying to automate the grow lights on my strawberries that only get the morning to midday sun. My aim is to set a digital pin HIGH or LOW which will drive a IRFZ44N FET to turn on the 12v power at about 1 - 1:30pm and turn off at 9pm. Current draw is around 3.5 amps.

The RTC I am using requires the PCF8563 library and I know my code has some obvious flaws that you guru’s will probably identify in seconds but it has taken me all afternoon to get this far. I appreciate any help you may offer, thank you in advance.

The code I have thus far is as follows;

#include <Wire.h>
#include <Rtc_Pcf8563.h>
#define PCF8563address 0x51

int lightPin = 5;         // Set the LIGHT POWER pin
int t;
int second;
int minute;
int hour;
const int OnHour = 13;    // Set the start and end times
const int OnMinute = 30;
const int OffHour = 21;
const int OffMinute = 0;

void readPCF8563()// this gets the time and date from the PCF8563
  Wire.requestFrom(PCF8563address, 7);
void loop () {
  if(hour == OnHour && minute == OnMinute){
  else if(hour == OffHour && minute == OffMinute)

You'd be better off starting with an example which does not need such low level operations with the Wire library.
Say, this: Rtc_Pcf8563/lcd_clock.pde at master · elpaso/Rtc_Pcf8563 · GitHub if this is the library you are using.

I looked at all these examples but they all just print the time to an LCD Screen.
I am not wanting to use an LCD Screen on this project, I just want it all put into a box with the 12v cable coming in and a circuit to feed 5v to the Arduino while the 12v continues to power the lights when time is between the set times.

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