PLEASE Help with my project URGENT!!!!

I am trying to create coding in Arduino for a device that recognizes speech, applies it to text and prints the text in real time. All i need is to make up a code and a fritzing diagram of this project for school, not actually make it (yet). can someone please help with the design of the code and what i would need to include in the fritzing diagram?

Please help!

Urgent? Why are You special? Lots of ambitios members ask questions and awaits replies.
The project You describe is higly advanced and calls for lots of experience and knowledge.
What is Your background, Your knowledge and Your experience?
What have You done so faar?

You do the work.

You show us your work.

When you run into problems, we can sometimes explain where the problem lie.

We ‘do not’ respond well to “ URGENT!!!! “

urgent because this is my final project and it is due today. I have been very sick for the past two weeks and have not had the energy. Body aches, fever all of it. I am only a beginning student in electronics and I'm trying my hardest. I have done research but cannot seem to find anything to do with coding. I would be so grateful for any help.

My idea is something similar to Print in Loop by Gilad Beram. He takes an algorithm that searches images in google and live prints them on a loop.

Mine is just being able to print speech in real time. I know it is an ambitious project but I just need help. I want to be able to use possibly google speech-to-text.

Sorry to hear man. Super non-trivial task and certainly not a one or two hour thing.

Even if you could adapt something like this:

to actually generate a string of characters from speech you've still got a shitload of work ahead of you.

Poor You. Lots of people are ill those days. Buy a set of handkerchiefs and set up new goals.

Railroader, you are a horrible person. just stay off people's posts if you have nothing helpful to offer. I got Covid from my family member during Thanksgiving and was severely ill and nearly hospitalized. Why don't you just leave this thread please. I am just genuinely trying to get advice. I am still very sick and am forced to complete the project. In tears just trying to graduate through all of this

Horrible? Certainly but a realist. Just face reality. You ask for more than a miracle. Work on Your health and go for a retry when You've recovered.
Else Google on the title of Your post.

I do not have to write the entire code myself. I can borrow other people's if I cite them. I am looking into something called a VR Shield with a library

Do a search on this site for EasyVR and you will get over 5000 results.

I got Covid from my family member during Thanksgiving…

Not sure that’s going to garner much sympathy - you might want to leave out such little details.

Just sayin’.


Speech recognition on an Arduino. In a day.

Yeah, not gonna happen, mate.

On the bright side, EasyVR shield seems very popular, you might be able to snatch a code from somewhere if you're lucky enough.

On the other side, speaking as a senior year college student, I've had terrible professors who had very high expectations and not enough sympathy, but none has ever given any final project two weeks deadline, especially when it's physical or design intensive. What I do have though, are bunch of procrastinators and leeches that would only show up a few days before presentation and ask for urgent help.

Best of luck.

Edit: EasyVR demo by Digikey. That's the best I can do for you.

EasyVR is a misnomer.
It took me several months to get some usable results from that product.
Just ok for a toy, to recognize a few dozen words.
But it has very little to do with speech recognition.

I got Covid from my family member during Thanksgiving and

If you are in America send a letter to Trump asking for an apology for his stupidity in his handling of it.

I got Covid from my family member during Thanksgiving

That happened to a lot of people who failed to follow sensible medical advice, and to avoid holiday gatherings.


While I agree with many comments here.. lets just leave all this politic junk outside of here.

Electronics has no place for political discord. :slight_smile:

Lets go back to just regular shaming him for not planning properly or even doing any attempts on his own. :slight_smile:

Speech recognition processed directly on a low performance Microcontroller is going to be of poor quality. Speech recognition is really an artificial intelligence type application area which benefits from learning from huge data sources with multiple natural languages, ability to see words in context, search extensively for best matches etc. etc. Low end 8 bit Arduinos even have problems converting audio into a real time digital form in reasonable quality, which is only the first step in getting a text form of spoken input.

However, there are cloud services e.g. *IBM Watson which offer an API which can be accessed using Microcontrollers having a network interface and microphone module. So the task of the Arduino would then be reduced to packing up an audio sample in some form, sending it to a cloud service for interpretation and retrieving the text form.

Designing a proof of concept and providing code samples is not a trivial exercise.

  • not necessarily a recommendation

If you have been ill contact the school and ask for the task to be put back .

You have to realise that if this is a task from school it is for you to do and the forum can help with specific issues . There is no point in getting others to supply all the information , you then learn nothing . Your task is to investigate , not to get someone to do it and pass it to the teacher .

It shouldn't be urgent you will have been given plenty of time , as I said if you’ve been seriously ill , the school will put the task back or give you an extension.

The forum runs on volunteers who do this stuff for fun and to help others - you can’t expect them to “ jump” when you say so .

I got Covid from my family member during Thanksgiving and was severely ill and nearly hospitalized.

I think that was pretty clear from your reply #3. :sunglasses: At the moment those symptoms are pretty much pathognomonic for Covid-19.

Why don't you just leave this thread please. I am just genuinely trying to get advice. I am still very sick and am forced to complete the project. In tears just trying to graduate through all of this

Well, I daresay this has been adequately answered. "Railroader" is pretty accurate and on track (pun! :grinning: ).

Perhaps you could explain to us what it is that makes you think this task is in any way whatsoever related to an Arduino? :roll_eyes: It quite clearly is not. A Raspberry Pi - such as a Pi Zero - would be the obvious choice.

Well, it could be an Arduino project. As 6v6gt pointed out, Arduino could record speech and send it to a cloud service and receive a text interpretation of the speech. That's about what an Arduino could do. Of course you need enough RAM as well as a net capable Arduino.
As usual, the project consists of a lot of small tasks with their own individual solutions. Each separate task is not that hard. And joining them is not that hard either.