Please help with this LCD

hi to all!!!
I need some help to get running this LCD TFT with my Mega 2560. I tried all my knowledge.
The only readable IC description is RTD2660H.
It is designed for Raspberry but the SPI interface may be standard (speed is not critical at moment).

Can u help me?

P.S.: The LCD need a extenral power supply 'cause the Mega 2560 sometimes can’t supply the current request. Touchscreen is not interesting now.

ziorick2019: P.S.: The LCD need a external power supply 'cause the Mega 2560 sometimes can't supply the current request.

The Mega 2560 cannot "supply" current in any case. It is not a power supply! :astonished:

It has a regulator on board for testing purposes, but it can only supply sufficient current for the processor itself and a couple of LEDs using 20 mA apiece. If you want to connect other equipment to the Arduino, you must provide a regulated 5 V power supply for those devices and use it to power the Mega via the "5V" pin. If total current draw is no more than 500 mA, you can provide it via the USB jack and then use the "5V" pin to connect the other devices.

Hi, and welcome.

There's a lot more information on the very unfocussed picture you showed than what you told us. It clearly shows the brand KUMAN and 3.5" HDMI display-B.

Googling for that, will lead you to multiple RPi sites discussing this thing. That's where you need to go to find out more about it. Even if you persist to use this RPi product with an Arduino product, this is the way to get to know more about that product of yours.

It took me less time to find out that the display's controller is ILI9486/ILI9488L than it will take to compose this message. So after you have found out whether the interface is compatible with your MEGA or not, next thing will be to find some library supporting these ILI products and your MEGA.

Be sure about the interface, so you won't destroy either device or both.