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I am working on a project to make a DIY RailDriver, which is a controller for Train Simulator. I was aiming to do this with a USB Arcade Encoder, or an arduino. I need realistic buttons to suit the buttons in real life, Like an emergency stop. I am scared that if i used an emergency stop button ( which is toggle, not momentary ) it will hold down the emergency stop down until i release it. Same with another thing called DRA on the train. Lets say "Y" key on the keyboard toggles it on and off. In the cab, it is a toggle, pulled either in or out. On the keyboard, you just press "Y" to change its state. If I used a decoder. im scared whilst the button in real life is toggled, it will constantly hold down Y. I dont have much coding knowledge, only a bit of python, and have no idea what propper terms i need for the buttons, encoders etc.
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Suggest you start the project by drawing the panel with all controls and indicators on it.

Add a small amount of text beside each switch describing use.

Then show us a good schematic & image of your circuit.
Posting images:

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right now, you are not likely to get anyone who knows about RailDriver or Train Simulator to read your post.

I know nothing about Raildriver etc. but by definition and common usage an E-Stop stays down once pressed until it is pulled back up and the system is reset, many times by a separate reset button, the wiring is such that pushing an E-Stop down breaks a circuit so a broken wire or failure of the power wiring causes an all stop - - so I would put the E-Stop on a button that triggers the E-Stop (sounds like that would be a momentary button on the simulator) and the software seals the program in an E-Stop mode until a different button is pressed to reset things - don't use the same button to toggle the E-Stop on and off.

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