Please Help: WIZNet do not have DHCP built in and cause connection problem?

Hi all, wish to have your advise on this

I came across with this link:

Saying :

About WIZnet The WIZnet module is compatible with the official Arduino Ethernet library, which is easy to use and very powerful. However it does not have DHCP built-in which can make setup a bit frustrating if your network isn't friendly.

May i know what doesn't it mean by "network not friendly" ?

I have difficulties to establish stable connection to network with my wifi shield. The connection keep on reset (Connect and disconnect)

Would it because of the DHCP? May i know any hints that i can refer to fix this problem?

Many thanks!

Please... don't duplicate your posts.

Since the W5100 doesn't support "hardware" DHCP, you can program it your self though, you must set it with an address that is accepted by your switch or router.

The problem arises if the router doesn't accept it. So far I've yet to find one, but it may happen. Once the IP is set in your shield eerything should work.

Now, do you have a w5100 or a wi-fi shield?


Thank you for your reply and sorry for duplicate the posting.

I have WIZ610wi ... then i followed the tutorial to set up the IP address for the wifi shield.

but i can;t get smooth connection. the connection keep on reset...

Can advise what might cause the problem and how possible i can troubleshoot it? Hardware or firmware problem?

Thank you.

Well, to begin with... what code are you using to interface the Wi-fi shield?

Did you fix the power issue?