Please Help!!!!

So I already asked about this project about 3 weeks ago but none of your answers help me finish my code, I have been trying many many different option but haven’t got it right

#include <Servo.h>              // Incluye la libreria de servo

Servo myservo;                  // Define myservo como Servo

int posinicial = 15;            // Define la posicion inicial del servo
int posmedia = 105;             // Define la posicion en la que servira el alimento
int codigocaballo;              // Define el codigo del Caballo
int tiempotrueno = 4000;        // Define el tiempo que estara abierto el servo
int tiempoluna = 3500;
int confirmaciondelcaballo;     // Define la confirmacion del Caballo

void setup() {
 Serial.begin(9600);           // Enciende el Serial
 myservo.attach(12);           // Define el Servo en el output 12
 myservo.write(posinicial);    // Coloca el Servo en 0

void loop() {

Serial.println("Codigo del Caballo");     // Preguntamos el codigo del Caballo
while (Serial.available()==0){}            // Esperamos la respuesta

codigocaballo = Serial.parseInt ();       // Leemos el codigo

if(codigocaballo == 001){                                  // revisamos si esta correcto
  Serial.println("Caballo Trueno ? 1 = Si 2 = No");      // revisamos el Nombre del Caballo
  while (Serial.available()==0){}

confirmaciondelcaballo = Serial.parseInt();}

else {
  Serial.println("Intente Nuevamente");

if(confirmaciondelcaballo == 1){
  Serial.println ("Confirmado");




I need to add more horses and then different times of delay for the serve one for each horse !!! Please please how do i do it?!?!

State your project requirements (design criteria) If you need multiple servos you might want to consider using a TLC5940

Its a Horse feeder "demo" I would like to input a "code" then the arduino would print name of the horse and I would have to confirm if its the right horse, then if its correct then it would move up a servo and serve a amount of food (Define by the servo time in "open" position).

I won't use many servos, at first it will be one, but maximum would be two, one for each kind of food, but first I want to get the code right with one servo.

PLEASE PLEASE HELP ME I have been trying for 3 weeks at least.

Please Please Please provide a link to your earlier Thread so we don't go over the same ground again.

I need to add more horses and then different times of delay for the serve one for each horse

I have a vague recollection that you already got advice about this (but I may be mixing up another Thread).

The usual way to deal with values for several similar items is to use arrays to hold the data.