Please help!

Anyone have idea how to make c/c++ program which can send bits, strings to arduino and receive strings or bits from arduino (for example to receive or send "hello" or 11011, something like serial monitor)??!


Is there anyone who can help me? Just to give some direction.....?

on which platform? windows? linux?




What's the context for your program? If it doesn't really have to be a c / c++ program, you'd probably have a lot more fun learning PD, processing or VVVV and using those for the communication than doing so in C. You'd also find ready-made programs - has some starting points for interfacing in various languages.

Or do you just want a simple command-line tool for *nix environment?

Hello neillzero! Thank you for answer. Exactly what i need is Borland C++ code which will be identical like hyperterminal (windows), becouse i need application which will send data to arduino and when arduino receive specific data it will do specific thing :), and (the same application) has to be on listening mode always for receiving data which arduino sends to it. If is there possibility to make (somehow) my borland works like processing arduino environment by including some libraries, it would be great. Thank you!