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Hey Guys,

I’m doing a project where I drive a buggy round a maze. The buggy will drive to 1 of 7 reed switches which will be the inputs of the arduino. Each reed switch represents a different answer 1 to 7. I also want to drive an LCD display by an arduino which will choose a random question from a question bank and display it on the LCD. Each question is associated with one of the 7 answers/inputs. When the buggy drives over the correct answer the question changes, a green LED lights up for 5 seconds and a sound is produced if answered wrong a red LED lights up when driven over a wrong answer. When 4 questions are answered correctly the game stops and a high output is produced by one of the pins. I am very new to this so please please help me with this I have attached what I have done so far but I have been stuck for weeks and don’t know how to proceed. Thank you


random_question_generator.ino (1.85 KB)

How, exactly, will the reed switch know where the buggy is located?


I'm doing a project

We know. You told us so in your other identical post.


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