Hi there, I’m new to this whole putting stuff together kind of tech-ing… I’m usually the take it apart and see how it works and collect the cool looking bits for a project I will never get around to… My daughter recently got into coding and loves it and this kind of puts the tinkering I love together with the coding she does…
Anyways… I am building a no-kill mouse trap that has a trap door that is closed by a servo and is triggered by a motion sensor… I don’t need it to connect to the internet to inform me or anything fancy I just need basic vermin removal… I have the Arduino starter kit 101 and I went online and bought what I thought were motion sensors off Amazon… Turns out they are ? fire light sensors ? Is there anyway to make these work??? I just want something super simple… Mouse triggers the sensor walking into the trap and sensor sends signal to servo to shut the door and keep it shut until I want to release the mouse… Help? Please? Anyone???

“fire light sensors”

If you light the mouse on fire and it enters the trap, the sensor will detect the burning mouse. :wink:

Do you have a link and/or schematic to these?

See this article:

The potentiometer may be able to be adjusted enough to detect body heat.

If it can, monitor the sensor output signal with the Arduino, when your code detects IR change, operate the servo etc.

And Arduino Flame Sensor Interface - Working, Circuit Diagram, Code