Please I need a code for solar powered smart light with solar tracking mechanis

Please I need a code for a solar powered smart lighting system using 1 Ldr sensor and 1 PIR sensor and Led, I only have a code for d system using IR obstacle avoidance sensor, but I want to use PIR sensor
And I also want to combine the code with single axis solar tracker code below
Please help me guys, I will submit the project next week

solar tracker Sr robot.txt (447 Bytes)

new_smartlight_system.txt (3 KB)

Is this a school or college project?

If so, please provide the following:

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  • Your real name

Thank you.

Why have you asked the same question twice ?

Here are some resources that will help you combine the 2 programs.

Merging code.
Arduino sketch merge.

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Hmmmmm how much did you set aside in your budget to hire a developer to create a project for you? i might be able to write all you code for you? LOL