I am trying to set up my arduino with a four light sequence to light up a scene I have built and I am having trouble with coding and wiring. What I need is this, the lights run in sequence with Processing and five soundfiles. the first soundfile accompanies all the four lights on at once, then only one light remains on while the second sound file plays. this light and soundfile stop then another part of the scene is lit with the third light, the third soundfile plays. The thrid light goes out and the fourth comes on as the fourth soundfile plays, then for the last sound file all the lights blink at once. Then the program ends until it is started again once a button is pushed. I plan on using a push button to start the scene, however, I am thinking about a motion sensor. Please I can figure out one light, I can get the 4 lights set up in an Array, but how do I make them hold and do different things while the sound files play?


How is the Arduino to know what Processing is doing?

I am sorry I am new to arduino and processing. What do you mean? Right now I am just trying to write the code and figure out the wiring from the arduino to the bread board.

What do you mean?

That processing has to send something to the arduino to tell it what it is currently doing. You can do this in many ways, you can command the arduino to light individual lights with it's own command, or Processing can tell the arduino to do a pattern or sequence.

Yes, thank-you. I wish for Processing to command the arduino and sound files to play in a sequence. The sequence that I described in my first post. All four lights on and one soundfile, then one light on and a soundfile, then a different light and soundfile on, then a different light and a soundfile, then all the lights blinking and a different soundfile. each single light will light up a different aspect of the scene while the soundfile tells a mini narrative. All four lights at once will light the entire scene as will all four blinking. I wish porcessing to control the lights and the soundfiles. Thank-you, :)) Cynthia

I believe I have to use firmata.

I believe I have to use firmata.

No you don't have to. You can use it if you want but there are much better ways if you can actually write code.

No I am not good at writing code. I am a first time user and trying to get a small project lit and play soundfiles. I am taking a course and am told use use firmata to tell, through processing, the arduino to light the lights and the computer to play the sound files. How please do i do this??

You can use Firmata. There are several Firmata sketches to choose from. The standard one is probably most appropriate. There are examples provided with Firmata for both sides.