Please identify the purpose of this diode for me

The purpose and hopefully identify the part.

There is this diode on this board. It goes to ground on a GPIO line coming from a microcontroller. It T’s off the trace that also controls a MOSFET (N channel). Alone with a ferrite bead. I am guessing this is some sort of ESD protection? But would appreciate another set of eyes.

Here is a drawing of the circuit…

Here is a picture of the actual part…

Never seen a diode with a line through it. Which kind of tells me it is not polarized… Which might be ESD.

Ok, thank you!

How do you know it is a diode?

If it is, it would provide some protection from voltage input < -0.6V or so.

The part identified as FB1 looks like a cap, rather than a ferrite bead. Most are dark colored. Check continuity of the parts with your multimeter.