please rank current Arduinos in order of processing power

The Arduino boards currently available on - what’s their order in terms of raw CPU processing power, specifically for math problems like FFT signal processing, Monte Carlo simulations, etc?

Which one is fastest? Which one is slowest?

Why don’t ‘you’ review the characteristics of each?

"It's Complicated."

Uno, Mega, Nano, Leonardo, Arduino Micro, and Nano Every are approximately the same (~16MHz AVRs.)

Zero and most of MKR boards are ~48MHz ARM Cortex M0+, so they should all be similar.

The Nano 33s have a 64MHz ARM Cortex M4F, and the Due has an 84MHz ARM Cortex M3, so those are probably the highest performing "simple" Arduinos. Which is better depends on whether you're able to take advantage of the M4F hardware single-precision floating point or not.

The Yún is vastly "more powerful", but is essentially a different sort of board...