Please recommend a chasis model fit to climb curb (15cm high)

I need a recommendation for a mechanism that can climb curbs (15cm high), whether it be a chasis with wheels or pedrails or any other solution (which can as well move on grass and rough terrain) movement speed is not a factor.
Durabilty is less of an issue as the device will be used only for 8 hours. Therefore lowest cost solution will be preferable.
If possible a model which I can purchase on Aliexpress, Ebay or similar sites.
I`m an absolute newbie to the Arduino world.
Thank you in advance for your time and efforts in assisting me.

Do a google search for "Rocker Bogie" and "stair climbing robot". I think you will get what you need. There is a PVC bot that is cheap and easy to make.

Look up Wild Thumper