Please review my controller

Here is a project a couple of years in the making, but I’m almost there I hope. I have completed the basic input /output controller an Arduino to control them, this schematic will eventually control the input and output of a pinball playfield when it is built (the controller that is, I have the playfield already complete). The input is handled through 6 4021 ic’s, the feature lights and flashers are handled by a MAX7221 ic, and the solenoids (or in my case 12vdc liner actuators) are handled by 2 4094 ic’s.

I suspect that my newbness is going to lead to a few errors but I feel pretty confident I got most of it right, I’m thinking about switching the MAX ic to the SPI port but was trying to find a way to flip all the input and output to I2C, I believe this might add more speed to the project as well as reduce the pin count that I am currently using. I know that someone had told me that I should be using SPI for the MAX ic but I want to incorporate a wave shield into this controller and the flash card uses that port so I am open to any suggestions.

I intentionally left the RX and TX ports open to interface another Arduino for the instructions and more sound as well, but that is still in the thinking about it phase.

i need help attaching the image to my post, everytime I use the attach feature under additional options i get kicked out ...... please help!

What steps are you taking? Attachments are added all the time by countless users.

when i try to attach the image under additional options and hit the post button it shows me a url like this:;start=0;board=3

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this is all in about 30 seconds