Please run one script and report runtime numbers for performance comparison


at least some people reading this forum should have access to an Arduino 101.

Please run the sketch attached to this thread

and report the numbers (for -Os size optimized default and -O3 optimized, you can change in Arduino IDE platform.txt) in this thread

for comparison of >16MHz Arduino models (and ESP8266-12E) pure integer computing performance on a single sample. I have determined the numbers for Arduino Due and ESP8266-12E already.

Thanks for your support,


I had to modify the code to get the output on the 101. I added the wait for serial to get the output to display.

void setup() {

Here are the default complier results. 47| 29|101| 113| 59| 5| 17| 89| 71|


If I changed the complier correctly to -O3, I get this:
47| 29|101|
113| 59| 5|
17| 89| 71|


Thank you!

I updated the table with your numbers in the other thread: