Please suggest a proven webserver library for ESP8266/Arduino


I want to build a webserver with ESP8266 and Arduino (Nano or Mega). Can you please suggest a web server library that is proven/stable?

I ve tried this example and though it works, yet the time to load the "Hello World" static web page is 5 to 8 seconds.

Thanks and Regards, WonderfulIOT

That "Instructable" uses the 'AT Command' method of interfacing to ESP8266 from another micro controller. The other method, which has a number of advantages, is to load the ESP8266 with the Arduino core software, and run your sketch and the Web server directly on the ESP8266. One immediate advantage is that you do not require the Uno/Nano. Look at the example here:

If you want to stick with the Arduino+ESP8266 system you might try this library: It has some webserver examples.

I haven't messed with the Arduino+ESP8266 webservers much but I did a project that served some html pages that were maybe a page or two. I was surprised at how slow they were to load. I found that I could get a huge speed increase by assembling all the text and printing it at one time instead of doing it as many separate prints. There is some limit to the amount of text that can be printed at one time. I never found exactly what this value was. I see from my code that I was sending before it reached 1200 characters. So some of the pages required a couple of prints but slow loading problem was solved after making this change.

If you want to program in BASIC ...