hello to all, I am newbie and I have a problem, I need to control MC145190 PLL chip.
The code below is for the MC145158 chip and works perfectly.

Google found some codes for PIC

Any help will be appreciated


pll.ino (2.04 KB)

The behavior of the serial interface for the two chips is pretty different, so I would advise starting from scratch.

It’s not particularly complicated - it looks like you just write out 1, 2, or 3 bytes via SPI, and depending on how many you write, that’s how it knows which register you’re writing (which is weird, but straightforward enough). Pages 9 ~ 16 of the datasheet pretty much spell it out, I think…

thanks DrAzzy

I found this, which can be useful.

my project is to 144MHz and the reference frequency is 12,8mhz.
It will be hard work, I am in my first steps