Plotter with 28BYJ-48 motor, A4988 and ArduinoShield V3

Hello everybody,
I've been using a 3D printer for 2 years and now I'd like to move the first steps to build one myself (or any sort of CNC machine). I thought that building a "simple" plotter with cheap materials (something like this) would be a good way to start. Since I didn't have spare DVD motors (as used in the video) I decided to buy a couple of 28BYJ-48 stepper motors (which came with ULN2003 drivers) since they are cheap and very common. I also ordered this item on amazon which is an arduino with a CNC shield and some A4988 drivers.
Now that I have all the parts I realized that my motors have to be driven with 5 wires and the shield works with 4 wires. I did some research online and I read that cutting the red wire (and also the proper connection on the PCB inside the motor) can convert a "5 wire motor" into a "4 wire motor" (I know that this is not the proper way of naming things but I hope it is clear enough). I also read an article that suggested to just ignore the red wire on the motor and connecting the others properly.
I preferred not to use the ULN2003 alone because I want to be able to change motors (some NEMA17 for example) if I want to and because the CNC shield is more commonly used. I can nonetheless use the ULN2003 if it is the only way of completing my project.
My questions are:
Can I use the parts I have to make my project (possibly without damaging the motors)?
If yes, how?
If no, what should I do/buy to stay as cheap as possible and do what I want to do?

Thank you very much for your help.