Plotting Arduino data on your Android mobile (pfodApp)

I have recently add plotting to pfodApp (
This allows you to send csv formatted data from your Arduino (via bluetooth or wifi or internet with 128bit security)
and then get your mobile to plot it. You can even intermix multiple data streams being sent to your mobile and selectively plot the data stream one you want or just the fields you want plot. The data is also saved on your mobile for later downloading to your computer.
(see for the details)

The UnoStarter sketch illustrates plotting and menus and other control screens.

But as with all things pfod, your Arduino code controls all the functions and plotting on your mobile. Absolutely no Android coding is necessary. See the for all the details on how to control the Android screens, plots, menus etc from your Arduino code.

Drop me an email via contact or post here if you need any help getting up and running.
Check out the multiple example projects on