Plotting Data With Time

Hi, i've used the Processing graph tutorial in the Arduino guides but i was curious if there is a way of plotting multiple values. At the moment i have 2 values from the arduino from the 2 analog-in ports and i can see the values using the serial monitor.

What software would be easier to graph values than processing?

It depends what your needs are. To see things in real time, you might try PD - I think it has built in objects for graphing changing values. If you just need to see them after the fact, you could always send the data in a form that Excel or other spreadsheet can read, and make the graphs there.

yeah. i need it to plot a graph in real-time. all i need is for the analog value of 1 pin to be read and plot along with another. I can do 1 pin but plotting more than one is hard. At least finding any info on how to do it is.

Where would be a good start on how to use the arduino with pure-data; links, books?

I have a similar issue. I recently started using the millis, but I haven't tested it's accuracy.

The playground is helpful: