Plug in arduino usb while powered by a battery

Hi. I'm working on a battery powered project. I will have a 3.7 lipo connected to a charging module, the output to a dc-dc converter and that to the Vin and ground of the arduino.
Can I plug the usb with that setup, or since the arduino will be powered "twice" it can get fried?
Thank you

On an UNO, you can do this.

Many Arduino boards have a solid state switch to handle power switching.

On an Arduino Pro Mini suggest you avoid this.

Thank you larryd. I was planning on using a pro mini, yes. What about the nano? does it have a state switch?

There are many versions of the NANO.

The schematics reviewed show they are designed to use either power sources.

I use Pro Minis for most projects and just cut off the FTDI 5v pin to prevent problems.

When the Pro Mini is programmed, you need to power the board from RAW or 5v since the FTDI pin is cut off.