Plug your SR04 ranging sensor into this

Found a ranging module (not sensor) on Yourduino that you plug the SR04 into. looks like this;

They call it an SR05. They don't tell you much about it. It came in the mail a couple days ago. Plug in the SR04 sensor, give it 5v and the LEDs display the distance in cms. Great, now how do you get that info into something else? No instructions so looking for a while leads to one of these; Hope these pictures work. the first picture is small but the second is large and is the same thing.
Anyway here is what it can do;
Features for Ultrasonic Module LED Display DYP-ME008

  • Ultrasonic display module use small microcomputer system controller ,use STC 10F04XE, fully compatible with 51 microcontroller
  • IO port output pins, two switch output terminal, three key features, three digital display.
  • With DS18B20 temperature compensation circuit Contact Interface
  • Ultrasonic Ranging Module can be used directly measured the distance, you can set the distance alarm.
  • The system can provide ranging program can display panel of the schematic diagram.
  • Wide-voltage: DC 5~24V
  • Work current: 45mA
  • Range: 1 ~ 400 cm
  • Maximum measurement distance: 500cm

Even though the Yourduino website uses the pictures from the DYP-ME008, they send a board that looks very similiar but is called and SR05.
The difference? pushing and holding the buttons brings no joy. Tried all the combinations, nothing. the SRO5 board is missing the C2 capacitor and its place on the board. It is missing the pins next to the LEDs on the right and the bottom. The holes are there.
Have sent away to get the DYP-ME008 from two other sources.
Posting this just to let others know there is a board like this and maybe saving the reference time of someone else interested in something like this. Searched the forum for SR04, didn't find anything attached like this board.
Anyone else interested or know more than I have stated? I'll post more when I get one. The only sources found so far are from China so delivery is a while.


Just found this. Please ask us ( if there's a problem with a product we sell; we are glad to TRY to help..

This unit has been very difficult to get complete information on.
We have quite a bit here:

Anyone have more?? Please let us all know!!

We have 3 or 4 low-cost options now:


Regards, Terry King
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Thanks for the reply Terry,

Read my message closer the info is not misstated. I am trying to find the module that you and I are both referring to. Yourduino has something else that is very close but not the same. Like I said read the message closer.
I don't have an issue with Yourduino. I Have another order with Yourduino that I am waiting for with other parts.

Received my shipment from Satistronics. Unfortunately it is the same board Yourduino shipped and not the one pictured on their website. This time I have a picture of the board you will receive .
The two I bought from Satistronics are in heat sealed anti static plastic. Not going to waste my time seeing if they don't work the same way. If anyone would be interested I could post a video showing that none of the directions do anything to this board.
There is one more supplier shipping the supposed board to me. At this point my hope of receiving a board that looks and acts like the board they say they are selling is zero.
Anyone with any questions? Photo readable? Difference easy enough to see? Someone want to tell me I ordered the wrong thing?
Should have made the subject "Don't plug your SR04 ranging "sensor" into this".



So looking into the sealed plastic there was a small difference noticeable. One hole that was not soldered on one was soldered on the other. I am not going to send any of this back to Hong Kong it is not worth it. Opened the plastic and pushed S1 like the instructions say. Nothing. S2, nothing. S3 gave back LLL! Push S3 again set low to 7, push S3 again, HHH, push S3 again set high to 10. Now any time the distance is between 7 and 10 OUT2 gives 4.5Volts.
This is what I was looking for. Don't know if anyone else will be interested but this board has;
Three digit display and high and low thresholds that give a pin 4.5 volts when broken. No programming needed. High and Low set with the buttons on board. This will interface with anything that can see 4.5 volts
Here are the two boards side by side front and back. I think you can double click for a larger view.

The red arrow in the picture on the left is the unfilled hole.
Like I said in an earlier post, I have no problem with Yourduino and am waiting on more things bought from them. These items are very inexpensive and they aren't making big bucks. It is practically a service. The one board just didn't work, it happens.
Hope someone can make use of this info also.