PluggableUSB.h not found on MKRZERO

I have a new laptop running Windows 10 and installed the latest ArduinoIDE 1.8.13. I then installed HID-Project library.
Set the board type to MKRZERO
Opened any one of the examples (e.g. gamepad)
Attempt to build but it fails with

In file included from C:\Users\tozz\Documents\Arduino\libraries\HID-Project\src/SingleReport/SingleAbsoluteMouse.h:29:0,
from C:\Users\tozz\Documents\Arduino\libraries\HID-Project\src/HID-Project.h:39,
from C:\Users\tozz\Documents\Arduino\libraries\HID-Project\examples\Gamepad\Gamepad.ino:15:
C:\Users\tozz\Documents\Arduino\libraries\HID-Project\src/HID-Settings.h:114:10: fatal error: USB/PluggableUSB.h: No such file or directory
#include "USB/PluggableUSB.h"
compilation terminated.

This works on my old laptop which is also running arduino ide 1.8.13. I've looked at the documentation for arduino and HID-Project and everything indicates PluggableUSB should be a standard library in Arduino/.

How do I get the PluggableUSB support for MKRZERO?

Try downgrading the Arduino SAMD board package to version 1.8.9. Works for me. There is an open issue on github about this.