PluggableUSB MIDIUSB and MIDI lib

I have just had a look at MIDIUSB based on PluggableUSB. (Arduino 1.6.6)

Does anyone have an example or guidance on using it with the Arduino MIDI Library?


The page you linked to has three examples, do they not work?

The examples work great. What doesn't, is my ability to patch, port or write a full MIDI Library implementation.

write a full MIDI Library implementation.

No need to. It splits the input into MIDI events, you just deal with the events you recognise. Same with sending, just pack the bytes you want to send into a midiEventPacket_t type variable and send that off.

What do you want it to do?

I have managed to botch together a bit of a midi controller / sequencer using a Leonardo and serial out, then through a USB MIDI adapter to the PC.

I was hoping to cut out the USB MIDI adapter but my coding skills are still very basic.

OK post what you have so far using the </> icon to insert code tags and I will see what you need to do to eliminate the USB MIDI adapter.