Plugging a unique Keypad into Arduino

I have a Vsionis VIS-3000 that I want to plug into an Elegoo Uno R3 Arduino so that it can read the code entered and send signals from the digital pins. I have the programming portion down, but since this keypad isn't the standard 8-pin, I'm not sure if I can do that.

It has 12 different colored wires in a random order. The PDF shows the initial purpose of each of the wires, and everything I've tried so far hasn't gotten me anywhere. Is this plausible? If so, how would I go about plugging this keypad into Arduino?


PDF for Vsionis VIS-3000 wires and such (

it's explained in the datasheet:

When the access host worked as reader,both card number and keypad transmits in Wiegand format,the output data are shown by the Low Level of D0 & D1 cable:
D0:Low level means 0,green cable
D1:Low Level means 1,white cable

The Pulse Width of Low level is 40uS,Bit period is 2mS.The digit of Car number can be set to 26~27Bit,should be matched with the controller.(Factory default is 26Bit)
Wiegand 26 card reader,HID card can output Wiegand 26~37 automatically,other cards are output Wiegand 26 compulsively.
Wiegand 27~37 card reader,all cards are forced output Wiegand 27~37.
Keypad transmission can be set in the following 3 modes....

a) you need to set the desired operating mode of your keypad
b) the PIN code is transmitted over D0 or D1 as bit sequence. Read the datasheet for details.
c) your arduino needs to receive this bit sequence, and interpret it correctly.

If you've never done this before, it will take you some time to get the part with interpreting the bit sequence right.

The "standard 8-pin" you're thinking of is probably a matrix keypad, which is just a bunch of switches connected in rows and columns. The one you have has a microcontroller in it that you need to communicate with. You'll need to carefully study the datasheet to learn the protocol information.