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Hi, I need a quick response. I am losing my computer lab/PC's due to testing and need for my students to program and work on their circuits using Chromebooks. I am a large public school so the Chromebooks have lots of security and no hard drive. How can I get the plugin on a Public School Chromebook so that my students can upload their programs to their Arduino's. I need this next week so I am in a rush. Thank you!

@squascha21 the chrome app for the Web Editor is currently in private beta, so only selected users can access it for now, so this might not be the best solution for you for this week.

However if you and your students will be down to betatest and report issues let me know and I will contact you in PM. How many students are in your class?

Hey hey 00alis,

First i want to thank you for this great editor!! I am using the windows version and i even installed linux on an old chromebook. But it isnt great on a old chromebook using linux. I have new Acer R11 and want to use the online editor.

When is the plugin coming to the chromebook?

Thanks for the good work.

Greetings to you

Ard Ligthart

Hi @ardligthart, thank you for your comment. The Chrome app is in private beta now, we will let you know on our blog when it will be publicly available (won't be too long)!

Hi 00alis,

Great news!!

I am looking forward to this.

Greetings Ard

Hi, I have the same question. It's been almost a month now. Does "soon" mean next school year or any day now? I'm planning for next year and want to make sure it's all set before I start planning for it. Counting chickens before they hatch ya know? :) Thanks so much for all your do.

Hi 00alis,

Good news on the beta! Any update on progress on release of WebEditor Chromebook app?

Thanks and I appreciate you keeping us up to date on this exciting development.

The Chromebook app has been released a few weeks ago! You can learn all about it on this blog post. We are working with Google Education to offer customised packages for the schools. We will keep you posted!


UPDATES please!


We are running a quick beta-testing program with a few selected schools to make sure everything is up and running before releasing it to production, so we are really really close.

Thank you for your patience, and we should be online next week, unless something comes up with the beta-testing.

we should be online next week, unless something comes up with the beta-testing

Thanks for the update; I am about to test a couple of sketches some schools use with robot kits..

Updates: we are really close! Everything works, we are just fixing the way invoices are dispatched and then we should be able to release the Chrome App to the public this week.

Thanks for your patience!

how can you add other boards to the online selection.? like the sam21 chip

@rverm44820 there is no way for now to add other boards, nor on Win-Mac-Linux or on Chrome OS. We are working on this feature.

@terryking228 and the teachers out there: we are finally live, still refining a few details but you can go ahead on and get a licence for your school. Please provide any feedback in the proper Forum board.

Hi, Does our BETA status still let us test stuff before signing up a school?

You need to sign up on to try anything. We are rolling out beta (you had to subscribe in beta as well)

Hi, Sorry I don't understand.

BETA is "OVER" ?? "rolled out"??

So I would have to pay for a classroom even to do tests on one Chromebook?

Is it the intention that individual hobbyists etc. can not use the system at all?

I have both school customers and individuals.

So here is how it works:
You can test the app using a personal gmail address by installing it from this link and using the 5 days trial.
Individual hobbyists have had this opportunity since June 2017.

If you fill the chrome app fulfills your needs you can then purchase the subscription for your classroom at this link. Please note that to use the Chrome App for Education you will need to use your GAFE (Google Account for Education) address and not your personal one.

Hi, OK Thanks, I will do that for a couple things I am testing now.

I need your help on working with your group.

I am a curriculum designer, kit designer and the publisher of http://ArduinoInfo.Info. I support dozens of schools and sell thousands of Arduino-based kits to schools. Some schools are moving or have moved to Chromebooks. They are asking me for specific support for Arduino kits and Robot kits they have or are planning to get.

I do not work for any single school or system. But if I can help them understand how to use your Chrome online system they will become customers of yours.

I need your help to get authorization to test applications of some different Chromebooks here in my lab.

Please tell me the best way to do this.

Regards, Terry King ...In The Woods in Vermont, USA

The best way for you to test the Education environment is to get a subscription running with your Educational Email (it must be the same email you use to login to the Chromebooks), it costs $0.40 for a whole month. At the end of the month you can delete the subscription if you are not satisfied.

A detailed walk-through tutorial is available at this link