Plush doll and Arduino Project

Hi everyone,

I'm new to Arduino and would love to get some feedback/advice/general wisdom on a project that I'd like to do. I'm looking to create a plushie that communicates with MAX/MSP to play a video clip whenever it's squeezed. My main problem is that I'm unsure of what tools to buy so right now my shopping list mainly consists of: force sensor resistors, lilypad kit, conductive thread and fabric for my plushie.

If anyone could give me any suggestions as to what else I should be purchasing (i.e: power supply, etc.) or how I should go about my project, please let me know!

Thanks in advance!

How will the lillypad communicate with the PC ?

If you don't want a USB cable you need some kind of wireless communication module.

I can seriously recommend Tom Igoe's book "Making things talk" he has a project in the book that is very close to what you want o do + a whole lot of other very good projects / information.

Ideally I'd like for the plushie to be able to communicate wirelessly to MAX, however, I was instructed to prototype the plushie wired first before taking on the wireless beast.

But I will definitely check out that book! Thanks!

You wouldn't necessarily need a force sensor, you could just have two pieces of metal or wires that come into contact when it's squeezed, and separate when it's not. It acts like a button, there are code examples on that.

I did a beanie baby sound sensor project:

An other alternative to a force sensor it a piece of conductive foam like I used in this project:-