PLX-DAQ Problems on Notebook

I currently have a system going where I have 2 Arduinos communicating to each other with transceivers. One Arduino has a sensor and sends values over to the second Arduino, which plots into a PLX-DAQ spreadsheet. This works fine on my laptop (windows 7, excel 2010), but it does not quite make it on my notebook (windows 10, excel 2010).

Here's what happens:

-It functions properly on the laptop and plots in real-time on the excel sheet -On the notebook, it shows the values in the serial monitor -When I connect on PLX-DAQ, it shows that it is connected, but does nothing -When I power the Arduino not connected to the laptop, the red "r" box blinks, meaning it's receiving. -The graph does not reset when it connects, and it does not change the titles or start filling in values

Here's what I've already tried on the notebook:

-I downloaded it from Parallax, the creators of PLX-DAQ -I have Arduino 1.6.9 and boards 1.6.10, all working with no problems -The Arduino is connected by an OTG cable to secure proper connection -I checked all my macro settings and activex controls -I made sure it was a macro-enabled workbook -I unzipped the folder and put it into my libraries -I checked my port settings

I am completely out of ideas. It all seems the exact same as on my laptop, but it does not work on the notebook.