I am using Windows 8 (as well as 7) and have been unsuccessful getting PLX-DAQ to record the serial data from my Arduino into Excel. The data are recorded to the serial monitor window, then when I shut the serial window down and activate PLX-DAQ to look at the serial port, the PLZ-DAQ does see the numbers because the "Receive" indicator light is flashing at the specified interval defined by the Arduino sketch, however the numbers are not transferred to the spreadsheet. I have been told this program is no longer supported and Microsoft upgrades have caused problems with the software. Has anyone else experienced this problem?

The PLX crowd went off the air for a while but I think they are still operating. I think the problem is Microsoft and, specifically the version of Excel. Office 2000 is fine, and perhaps you can beg, borrow, or steal a copy. I doubt that Windows is a problem.