plz help!! burning bootloader using arduino mega1280.

hello all.i have bought atmega328p microcontroller without bootloader.i have an arduino mega1280 board.i want to bootload atmega328p using arduino mega1280 as isp.can u please provide me instructions on how to do that.thanks in advance.waiting for your reply.

I think you can load the optiloader sketch on your mega1280, and then use that to bootload the '328. The 328 will have to be wired up with 16 MHz xtal, 22 pf caps, 10K pullup resistor on reset, 100nF cap on VCC. Connect MISO to MISO, MOSI to MOSI, SCK to SCK, 1280 D10 to 328 reset.

You can PM to member westfw to confirm the 1280 will run that sketch ok.

thanks for quick reply.i will do that today and inform u about the result.

I think it will take a bit of work to make optiLoader work on MEGA. The MEGA has the SPI port on entirely different Arduino Pins (NOT 13, 12, and 11), so you'd have to change the internal definitions as well as the external wiring. I'm not sure about the pgm_read_byte compatibility. In theory, since the whole sketch is far less than 64K, there shouldn't be any problems, but it might want the "far" versions of the flash read functions...

i think i will experience difficulty in doing that.but any how i with test the optiboot. is there any simple programer that i can build to burn bootloader directly to atmega328p chip without using atmga1280 board at all?plz link a Schematics of a simple programer that i can build easily with few components.thanks agin for replies. or