PLZ HELP ( CMPS11 & gps - ublox - NEO-M8N

hi there,
I was testing my robot, as I test it before and I didn't have any problem. but today while I was testing, my battery gets short-circuited. I disconnect the batt and run the robot with the USB of my laptop.
problems :

1 - my GPS gets hot when I connect the VCC and GND to the Arduino in about 20 sec, but it is healthy and shows the latitude and longitude in the serial monitor.

2 - I can't see any data in serial monitor of my cmps11, but there is an LED on she cmps11 and its on.

how can I solve the problem of the GPS that gets hot, and why it gets hot,
how can I know if my cmps11 is healthy or I have to buy a new one....