pmw dimming 12v diagram issues

Hi. I ma very new to this, but I am trying to do some PMW dimming of a 12v led stripwith a transitor.

I have been working from this tute, but I think that there is something wrong with the diagram

As there is no output from the emitter surely this will never work? Or is it just me.

It looks like wires have been missed out of that diagram.

If you take a look at the whole page:

The missing connections are there on the other diagrams, but gone on that particular one, which is a mistake. Look at the previous diagrams and you should be able to complete the circuit.

The ULN200xx Range of darlington arrays are nice and easy to use

cool. i thought so. Thats annoying, I spent hours testing everyother part of the code and components wondering why it wasn't working(

The clue is that it is very rare that a circuit that uses a three terminal semiconductor has one connection un connected.