PN532 & NFC Type B tag. Is there any library?

Hello to everybody!

I've got the PN532 and I have been reading and receiving data from type A tags, I have modified the libraries and I could change the bit rate also, but now I'm trying to read information from a Type B tag (CID for example), but I'm not able to send any command that the tag can understand..

Has anyone used it before? and do you know if there is any library for B type tags from where I could start understanding it? I know that I have to send REQB and ATTRIB commands and more or less I know the commands, but I canĀ“t receive anything (probably I'm sending them incorrectly).

Thank you very much

Hi mate!

I have the exact same problem and can't find anything after hours of searching... did you solve it?

Or is anyone reading this message has a solution?