Pneumatic valves

Hi guys, first off I'm new to this. But I was wondering if anyone can help/advise me with wiring and writing a sketch to be able to use my arduino Uno to control an electric pneumatic control valve. I believe the valve requires 24v of power (didnt know if that would be important). I am going to be controlling a pair of pneumatic cylinders, and i would like the rods to be able to extend and contract rapidly. Thanks in advance for any advice!

You have to find out how to steer the valve. It may be a simple on/off type, or PWM may be applicable (using a H bridge).

Sounds like your cylinders are double acting, requiring air to move either direction, not having a spring return mechanism. Your description indicates you have one valve controlling two cylinders. If so, is the load on both cylinders the same, so both should hit the extend and retract limits at the same time?

Will the cylinder have to remain extended or retracted for any length of time?

Is there any possibility of injury when the unit operates unexpectedly? Perhaps something to consider after you get it working.

Think of the control valve as a relay using 24 volts and look at sketches and circuits for relay operation.