Poe module compatible with Arduino Ethernet Shield 2


I want to use Arduino Ethernet Shield 2 with Arduino UNO R3 with PoE module. I've been looking for PoE ag9120-s module around Google without success. Every where the module is out-of-date and it's not possible to buy it.

Anyone knows if Ag9700 series PoE module is it compatible with Arduino Ethernet Shield 2 or if there is any other solution to power Arduino UNO trough Ethernet cable?

I need 12V output.

I found this shield https://www.dfrobot.com/product-1286.html, but I am not sure offer 12V output.

Many thanks

It looks like it may work depending on your 12V load. Remember you are power limited; the older 802.3af provides 15.4 watts of power, serving as the standard for PoE switch, whereas the newer 802.3at standard – known as PoE+, enables up to 30 watts of power. I googled Ag8700 and the first hit was: https://www.silvertel.com/poe-modules/161-ag9700.html going to that link the first item listed is the Ag9712-S which provides an output of 12VDC at 12 watts.
Good Luck & Have Fun!