PoE with Yun?

The standard Arduino PoE module won't fit on the Yun because the Linio cover is in the way.

If I were to mount some headers in the PoE holes and raise the PoE module up so it clears the obstruction, will the standard module work? Is there any other reason that the standard module would not work with the Yun?

Has anyone used PoE with the Yun?




I have an AG9600 that appears to have the same form factor as the 9050S. The module won't sit flat on the top of the Yun board because of the cover on the AR9331.

Is it intended to be mounted on the underside of the Yun?


Where did you buy one of those AG PoE modules ? i Couldn't find any distributors. Have to wait for my Yun to arive to see that mechanical situation.


AG9000-S 5.0 V ?

If I were you, I will be waiting official answer.

Digikey sell those module and instock.

I saw that posting, but can't find anything at digikey ;-(

OEM website:


Ok, bought the PoE adapter here (AG9050-S):


Had to unsolder the cap on top of the linux part of the Yun and cut out a piece for the PoE adapter to fit. No idea if/how-much this impacts the performance of the WiFi module. Result looks like the attached image. Seems to work fine so far (PoE).

Next Yun i would like to try the AG9205 because the provides more power for attached I/O, not 100% sure if it would have compatibility issues though.