Pointer dog beeper


I’m thinking of a new project. A pointer dog beeper. That’s a wearable project.
The theory:
When the dog quarters, ie is running, the collar will emit a beep, every so many seconds.
When the dog points, ie is standing still, or moves really slowly (like creeping), the collar will emit continuous beeps.

These collars are used while hunting in thick cover. The beeper helps you keep track of the dog’s position, since it’s too thick to actually see it.

I was thinking of a mercury switch, as the sensor that will signal movement. Then I realised that maybe an accelerometer might work better.

So what would you suggest as a sensor, hanging on a dog’s collar, that will reliably indicate movement of the dog?

Tnx in advance!

Have you thought that such a device may modify the dog's behaviour, so that he does the action that produces the sound that is least annoying to him?

There is a saying: "Dogs and kids behave like you teach them".
So a hunting dog, hunts because this is his mission in life.
And you need to condition dogs to everything new to them. In our case, usually one muffles the speaker and wears the collar on the dog. The dog goes about it's routine with the muffled beeps. A couple of days later, you remove some material, (I use cotton), and the beeps are a bit louder, and so on.

PS. This is not an invention. Several brands produce these beepers.

Why not try a different tack - accelerometer on the tag, RF back to you, beeping or flashing/steady LED that you can hear/see. Maybe even put a display on it to tell you how fast the dog is moving. Add a compass too so you see which direction the dog is moving.

@CrossRoads What range are we talking about in the woods? Imagine thick cover, slopes, ridges, etc.

Normal quartering range of a hunting dog would be less than 500 meters in a single direction. So target RF range would be around 1km, in that environment.

Dog tracking: http://www.lcsupply.com/Garmin-Astro/departments/7/

I don’t know, you hadn’t brought terrain before. I was picturing just walking thru tall grass shooting at quail, pheasant.
Maybe something like this with antenna, use slower data rate for longer range.

2000mAH LiPo battery to last for a day or two of hunting between charges. Two of these and small efficient switching converter from www.pololu.com for steady 3.3V output.

Would you recommend a +-3G or +-16G accelerometer for this application?

Is it live game?
If so wouldn't any noise cause the game to be flushed out, poor dog went to so much trouble to find your game, the damn thing around it neck defeats the aim of the exercise.

Tom...... :slight_smile:
Sorry but no full explanation of "pointing"

Haha, the perils of the profession!

I think I'm ready to implement my project, using this accelerometer.
And this logic

Read DIP switches to set beep frequency 
same frequency used for sleep periods 
Configure ADXL362 for Inactivity interrupt 
Power off sleep 
If flag set 
disable sleep
while still inactive >doublebeep>loop 
else beep 
enable sleep
Inactivity IRQ 
Set flag

9V battery or better suggestion (that does not explode on my poor dog)
I need to find a LOUD low tone waterproof buzzer, for the actual end product.

Has anyone used those batteries?