Pointer to example: sending data to web page

I have a MKR 1010 that acquires data from a bunch of different devices. I want to send the data via wifi to a computer on my LAN (192.168.x.x) that will display the data on a simple web page.
I am looking for a 2-part example that I can build off of:

  1. the code necessary to send the data over the wifi link (either pushed or pulled)
  2. a simple webpage code example that can connect to the lightweight server on the Mkr1010 that will serve up the data. Or conversely, an app that runs as part of the web page that can pull the data from the MKR 1010 via wifi.
    Any and all examples are welcome. TY

did your internet search engine break down?

Host a web server on the MKR WiFi 1010

hope that helps....

No, google works perfectly fine. Ty

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