Pointers For Serial Data


I'm working on a project using Processing to send 6 variables and a sequence of numbers to my Arduino Mega using the serial port. I've been struggling on finding a nice way to store this data on the Arduino side. I've tried nearly every tutorial out there but can't find a nice clean way to do this simple task.

I've read a bit about pointers and was wondering if they would be a better way to store data for future use. Also, if anyone knows of any good tutorials on using pointers for serial data, can you post a link?

I'm open to any suggestions.

Thank you.

Pointers don't store data. They point to where it is stored. If your data fits within the range of an int, use an int. If your data has decimals, use a float. If it's letters and words, use a string.

Because of the way you asked the question, I think you have yet to read "nearly every tutorial." If you tell us what you're really trying to do, then we can give you some more specific advice.

Maybe this will help.

serial input basics